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Yitai Group - Huaxia Leon Inspection Business Forum was held in Beijing 2017.05.12

On May 8, 2017, the Company held an inspection business forum with the Inner Mongolia Yitai Group Co., Ltd. (Yitai Group) in Beijing. Gao Guangjun, Deputy General Manager of the Coal Transportation and Marketing Department and other leaders of Yutai Group and the relevant leaders of the northern port offices attended the forum.

Deputy General Manager Gao first thanked for Huaxi Leon's support for Yitai's coal inspection business and gave favorable comments on Huaxi Leon's inspection work. He repeatedly emphasized the business principle of fairness and equity and expressed his wish that the two sides would strengthen business cooperation in the future.

Chairman Li Xiangli made a brief introduction on the Company's development plan and recent operation conditions.

The two sides had an in-depth communication on specific issues encountered in the northern port business, laying a good foundation for multi-directional cooperation of the two sides on coal inspection and identification.

The forum was also attended by General Manager Kang Aiyun, Deputy General Manager Liu Yi, the relevant personnel of the Market Development Department and the Integrated Business Department, and the general managers of the north port offices.