ZL201210215329.0     A rapid movable coal sampling machine using forklift as the carrier and its using method    Invention 
ZL201210357289.3     A powder material transportation and monitoring system and method     Invention 
ZL201210119231.5     A vehicular coal quality inspection method and device     Invention 
ZL201210107251.0     A coal sampling head     Invention 
ZL201220172755.6     Vehicular coal quality inspection devices     Utility Model 
ZL201220304283.5     A rapid movable coal sampling machine using loader as the carrier     Utility Model 

ZL201220305897.5    A rapid movable coal sampling machine using forklift as the carrier     Utility Model 

ZL201220304430.9     A coal sampling units    Utility Model 

ZL201520759087     A water suction checker device    Utility Model 
ZL201210505831.5    Image extraction method and its system, electronic certificate production method and its system    Invention 
ZL201510657376.4    A rotary divider    Utility Model